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Library Administrative Manual

3.16 Library Intranet Procedures

I. Content

The Library Intranet provides access to documents and tools in support of the Library's internal operations. Documents, procedures, policies and forms that assist students and faculty in use of the Library's services and resources are accessible from the Library's Web Page.

II. Intranet or Public Web Site

In consultation with unit/department, the Web Group (see also Library Policy 2.10: Library Web Group: Policy & Function Statement) will normally determine whether material is more appropriate for the public-access Library Web Site or the Intranet. Questions will be referred to Library Management Team (LMT).

III. Security Issues

Intranet material may be passworded when it contains sensitive/confidential information, e.g., budget or personnel-related. On the whole, Intranet access to program policies, procedures, guidelines would not require a password. Originator of material will recommend whether web access to information should be passworded. The Web Group will consult with Division Head and/or Library Management Team (LMT), for cases in question.

IV. Priorities

  1. Basic priorities are established by LMT as follows
    1. Regularly published materials e.g. Libewire a What New! section to announce very timely notices titles be identified by LMT.
    2. Materials with urgent deadlines or information -- e.g., budget review, personnel- related notices, new application forms w/ deadline, periodic CD fund reports.
    3. Materials needed on Intranet to implement/modify units/depts. operations.
    4. All other materials will normally be placed in queue by date submitted, although Web Group Chair (or designated person working with coders) may re-order based on size/technical issues required to create page.
  2. Web Group should request LMT to prioritize any requests in question

V. Submission Process

  1. Should be generated/reviewed by Unit/Department Head who forwards request to"Web Submission" box (located in Reference workroom, 1st floor) or electronically to
  2. Submit cover sheet with information that includes:
    1. Originator: Unit/Dept.; contact person
    2. Indicate if document (file, etc.) is in electronic form; if not, scanning will be arranged.
    3. Indicate what software was used in creating the file & file size.
    4. User group -- who will be using this information?
    5. Recommend passwording information or not. If yes, state reasons.
    6. Include brief description of the content/use of the material.

Approved by LMT: 12/7/98

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