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Library Administrative Manual

3.15 Library Software Support Policy

I. Installation and Maintenance of Software

  1. The Library System Group (LSG) will approve, supply, and arrange for the installation of all software on faculty/ staff/public computers.
  2. It is a joint responsibility of the departments and the LSG to ensure that all software is under appropriate licensing or purchase agreements. Unless otherwise stated, one copy of a software package is a single-user license.
  3. The Library Systems staff will ensure that all computers have the appropriate and current virus-protection software.
  4. The Library Systems staff will do an annual sweep, in connection with the annual computer equipment inventory, to remove any unauthorized or unlicensed software from University-owned equipment.

II. Configuration of Workstations

  1. Public Workstations
    1. A standard configuration will be installed to facilitate troubleshooting and future upgrades. This configuration will be determined by the purpose of the workstation with input from Public Services.
    2. Any desired changes to the standard public configuration should be submitted to the Systems Group.
      1. Faculty/Staff Workstations
      2. A standard configuration will be installed to facilitate troubleshooting and future upgrades. This configuration will be determined by the placement and use of the workstation.
      3. Individual users should not change the standard configuration or set up a local configuration.
      4. If software not installed or approved by the LSG causes a conflict with the computer, the hard drive will be erased, reformatted, and the original configuration will be re-installed.

III. Software Purchases and Upgrades

  1. Software Upgrades (subject to budget considerations)
    1. Software needs will be reviewed as available by the LSG. New versions of existing software will be purchased and installed when necessary.
  2. New Software Requests (subject to budget considerations)
    1. Software Requests should be submitted to Dept/Unit Heads using the Software Request Form.
    2. If approved, new software will be installed and supported by the Library Systems staff.
    3. Software needs for faculty/staff/public use will be reviewed by the LSG as appropriate.
  3. Software for Special Projects
    1. Special Projects include grants, sabbatical projects, or other specialized projects as determined by the Library Management Team.
    2. If a project requires software other than what is already available, the faculty/staff member responsible for the project will notify the LSG of this need.
    3. The LSG will determine if the software can be supported by the Library, or if other arrangements should be made in order to provide support for the users.

IV. Training

  1. Training for Library Catalog Applications
    1. The Systems Librarian will make arrangements to provide training for library catalog applications. This may include, but is not limited to, training provided by Library Faculty/Staff and contracted (vendor-provided) training.
    2. Requests for library catalog training should be submitted to Department Heads for approval. If necessary, the Department Head may submit a request for formal training to the Head of Systems and Collection Management Services.
  2. Training for Other Applications
    1. Library Faculty/Staff are encouraged to take advantage of formal and informal training courses provided on campus by the Library, Campus Computing, and the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching (CET). Calendars for such training, when available, will be published in Libewire.
    2. If necessary, the LSG will make arrangements to contract with vendors or other training professionals to provide training and support for specialized software not otherwise supported by the Library or Campus Computing.
    3. Suggestions and needs for additional training should be submitted to the LSG via the Department/Unit Head.

V. Reporting Problems

See HOTLINE Policy & Procedures.

VI. Software Request Form

JPLL Systems Group
Software Request Form

Date: _________________________
Name: _________________________
Unit/Dept: _________________________

Software Title: ________________________________________
Publisher: ________________________________________
Price: $__________

Platform (circle one):
Windows 3.x Windows95 MacOS Other_____

Briefly describe the purpose/project for this software:

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