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Library Administrative Manual

3.12 Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Public Access Internet Stations

I. Goals and Philosophy

  • To provide relatively unrestricted access to research resources in support of the curriculum (whether paid or free on the Internet); and to do so with a standardized software configuration that is relatively secure and can be maintained by available computing support services. For example, Computing Services supports Netscape 4.02, not Internet Explorer.
  • To permit non-SFSU patrons to use stations in open areas (but not in the Reference Area and labs); SFSU patrons have priority.
  • To provide functions that support downloading, e-mailing, or printing search results and full-text information ; but to minimize use of the stations for other purposes (for example, e-mail, text-editing, and recreational activities). FTP and word processing software will not be available at these stations.

II. Patron Use Guidelines

Note: we cannot prevent access to e-mail and some other activities, therefore our strategy is to define them as low priority whether related to coursework or not.

"Library Research and Services" activities which have priority include but are not limited to:

  • InvestiGator searches and services
  • Electronic resources provided by the library
  • Library and SFSU web sites
  • Other Library catalogs

Virtual Reference Sources and Search services on the Internet

  • Internet sites in general: Ideally in support of coursework, but this cannot be clearly defined -- almost anything can be used for a course

"Non-priority Activities" that may be interrupted at busy times include but are not limited to:

  • E-mail -- including correspondence with professors & classmates
  • Chat Rooms, conferencing,
  • Games
  • Viewing/editing material on floppy disk, word processing.

Other Notes:

Printing: there are no immediate plans to provide more printing capability.

We are not censors and honor the ALA Code of Ethics and Bill of Rights. Patrons who inquire should be so informed and referred to other public access stations.

III. Investigator Plus Use Guidelines

  • InvestiGator Plus stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Time limited are posted on each station.
  • Library research has prority. Non-priority activities may be interrupted when others are waiting.
  • Click* on "HOME" when finished.
  • Report out-of-order workstations.

Date Approved by LMT: 2/2/98

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