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Library Administrative Manual

2.9 Library Leave With Pay Committee Policy & Function

The purpose, membership and terms of office and procedures and guidelines of the Library Leave With Pay Committee are stated in Academic Senate Policy S99-18 (SFSU Faculty Manual, Chapter Three, Section 3.1), and the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Articles 27 and 28. The Library faculty has decided that the Library Leave With Pay Committee shall be composed of three members. In reviewing applications for sabbatical leaves and difference in pay leaves the Library Leave With Pay Committee applies the following weighting to the three criteria for evaluating professional leaves with pay:

In order to be considered, applications must first meet criterion #3, following which all three criteria will be weighted equally. The criteria are reproduced below.

  1. Criteria. The intellectual or creative significance of the proposed endeavor. No proposal shall be considered to be of lesser merit because the proposed activities bridge disciplinary lines as they are defined by the departmental/school structure of this University.
  2. The importance and effectiveness of the proposed endeavor in furthering the applicant's professional development. This criterion may be satisfied in many ways including, but not limited to, producing benefits for instructional programs, enhancing the applicant's teaching competence, improving the intellectual and/or creative reputation of the University, and expanding the University's ability to serve the community.
  3. The applicant's background relevant to determining the applicant's ability to carry out the proposed project. This may include consideration of the applicant's professional background, of the applicant's prior interest and experience in the subject to which the project is devoted, and of the applicant's overall ability and reliability in planning and carrying out projects. Since professional development, as referred to in the above paragraph, is not to be restricted to development through research/publication activities, this criterion shall not be applied in such a way that applicants who have had prior opportunity for research/publication necessarily enjoy an advantage because of their greater experience.

Upon request, at the end of the entire review process, the Library Leave With Pay Committee will provide applications with feedback concerning the Committee's recommendation and will make every effort to obtain similar feedback from higher levels of review.

In addition to the responsibilities stated in Academic Senate Policy S81-18 and Articles 27 and 28 of the Contract, the Library Leave With Pay Committee is also charged by the Library faculty with evaluating competitive applications for other professional leaves with pay, assigned time and grants which require faculty review (e.g., mini-grants and summer stipend).

Approved by a vote of the Library Faculty: 5/14/96
Approved by LMT: 7/15/96

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