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Library Administrative Manual

2.7 Social Committee Guidelines

I. Membership

  1. The Committee will consist of three members, elected by the Library faculty and staff.
  2. One committee member will serve as treasurer.

II. Term of Office

The three elected members of the committee will serve a one-year term to run July 1 through June 30.

III. Functions and Responsibilities

The Social Committee is responsible for:

  1. Preparing the annual calendar of planned functions/events. This calendar will be forwarded a week prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester each year, to the Head of Access and Personnel Services, who is the administrative liaison to the Committee.
  2. The Coordination of any approved Library functions such as the annual Halloween and Holiday parties.
  3. The funding of any approved Library functions by such means as raffles, sales, or donations approved by the Library Management Team. Monies received by the Committee are to be kept in the Library Office safe.
  4. Sending an appropriate remembrance, (a card, flowers, donation, etc.) in the name of the Library as a whole in cases of serious illness or death of a member of the Library staff, faculty, or management.

Coordinating a Library sponsored retirement event, (coffee, luncheon, reception, etc.) and appropriate gift and/or card for a retiring member of the Library staff, faculty or management.

In cases other than the above, cards and/or gifts will be given at the discretion of the individual Library units and will not be coordinated or funded by the Library Social Committee.

IV. Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Keep records of all Committee incomes and expenditures. Receipts must be presented to the Treasurer for any expenditure made in the name of the Committee.
  2. Upon written request of any member of the Library faculty or staff make a statement of current Committee finances.
  3. Prepare an annual financial statement, to be presented to the University Librarian at the end of the term of office, listing income, expenditures, and balances.

Approved by LMT: 10/28/91
Approved by Library Council: 10/1/91
Revised by LMT: 8/11/97

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