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Library Administrative Manual

2.6 Ann Paterson Merit Award

I. Name

The Ann Paterson Merit Award

II. Purpose

  1. To reward and recognize J. Paul Leonard Library support staff for developing ideas which improve service, morale, or safety, or which provide a cost saving or
  2. To recognize a consistently high degree of job excellence, such as patron services or intra/inter departmental competence or cooperation.

III. Awards

  1. Cash prize allocated by Friends of the Library.
  2. Certificates or other tokens of appreciation.

IV. Eligibility

  1. All library support staff holding permanent or temporary positions on a full or part-time basis are eligible with the following exceptions:
    • Library student assistants.
    • Members of projects undertaken as part of an on-campus class assignment.

V. Procedures

  1. Calendar
    1. Award ceremonies will be held in January on a staff development day, or on a date selected by the University Librarian.
    2. The deadline for submissions to the Committee will be no later than two weeks before the announcement of awards.
    3. The deadline will be included in the monthly calendar and announced at least twice in the Newsletter in the month prior to the deadline.
  2. Application
    1. The application will be one page, typed, double-spaced, in memo form, or on a form devised by the Committee which will be submitted to the Evaluating Committee by the individual, individualÍs supervisor, group/committee, or any library employee.
    2. The application should include:
      1. Name(s) of individual(s) or group
      2. Date of application
      3. Short title
      4. Description or summary
      5. Results and/or benefits
  3. Evaluation Of Submissions
    1. Within one week after the deadline for applications, the Evaluating Committee will schedule a date for evaluating the nominations.
    2. The Committee may elect to request presentations from each applicant and/or obtain additional information from other relevant sources, i.e., supervisors, colleagues, or patrons.
    3. The Committee will choose its own method of coming to a majority decision.

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