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Library Administrative Manual

2.5 Elections Committee: Policy And Function Statement

I. Responsibilities

  1. The Elections Committee is responsible for soliciting and holding elections for:
    1. All University-wide committees on which the Library is entitled to elected representation;
    2. Library standing committees according to the guidelines of each committee;
    3. Ad hoc committees if University Librarian requests that the committee have elected representation.
      (Note: Some ad hoc committees may be made up of appointed members only).
    4. Library staff and student representation to the Library Management Team.
  2. The Elections Committee will provide information on University-wide Committees and Academic Senate elections processes.

II. Membership

The Elections Committee membership shall be composed of:

  1. Three tenure track/tenured Library faculty members elected by all of the members of the Library faculty; and
  2. One member of the support staff elected by all the members of the Library support staff;
  3. Chair. The Chair of the Elections Committee shall be the librarian who is in his/her third year of membership on the committee and shall serve a term of one year.

III. Term Of Office

Faculty committee members will serve staggered terms of three years so that one librarian shall be replaced each year. The support staff member shall serve a term of three years.

IV. Election Procedures

  1. The Elections Committee shall initiate the election procedures in the following instances:
    1. The Annual Spring Elections. The Elections Committee will review the official list of University and Library Committee memberships and will determine the replacements necessary for the following year. Every attempt should be made to have the election process completed by May 15.
    2. Ad Hoc Library Committees. At the request of the University Librarian, elections will be conducted for any such committees formed.
    3. University Committees. At the request of the Academic Senate Office, elections will be conducted to provide for library representation when the committee structure requires such representation.
  2. Nominations. Prior to holding any election the Committee will solicit nominations by written memo. One week to return nominations should be given. In the case of election to University committees, the time lines are sometimes too short to provide for this one week period. If this is the case, nominations will be solicited by voice-mail. It is the responsibility of all unit heads to inform those without voice mail in their areas of this process. In all instances the signature of the nominee is required in order for the nomination to be valid.
  3. Elections.
    1. One week prior to any election deadline secret written ballots shall be issued to each member of the electorate. In the event that the Committee is required to meet an election deadline that will not provide for this one week period, the deadline will be shortened and a voice-mail message will be sent to the electorate informing them of the shorter time lines. The Elections Committee will maintain the confidentiality of individual ballots. If a candidate withdraws during the election process, then a new ballot will be issued. The Elections Committee will make the decision whether to have another call for nominations.
    2. Every attempt shall be made to obtain, by at least one, more nominees than there are vacancies. If there is only one nominee, the electorate will have an opportunity to vote yes or no for that nominee. For University committee vacancies occurring at a time other than the annual spring elections, this vote shall be conducted via voice-mail. If there are a majority of no votes, the Elections Committee will decide what course of action to take. The Elections Committee will make sure that the record of the vote remains confidential.
    3. Ballots received late will be voided.
    4. If a voter has voted for more than the appropriate number of candidates, that vote shall be voided.
    5. Ties shall be resolved by a runoff election.
    6. Deadlines permitting, absentee ballots shall be sent to those library faculty and staff on official leave or on extended sick leave.
  4. Election Results. Election results shall be announced by written memo to the University Librarian and in the instance of University committees also to the Academic Senate Office. An announcement should be also prepared for the library newsletter.
  5. Vacancies. Should vacancies of elected seats on any committee occur during the academic year, the individual receiving the highest number of votes among those not elected in the last election for that office shall serve as a replacement for the remainder of the term. If no such individual is available for service, an ad hoc election shall be held.
  6. Eligibility. Library standing committee guidelines detail who is eligible to serve on each committee. See the attached sheet for a summary of these guidelines.

V. Records

  1. Records of the previous year's elections shall be held by the Elections Committee Chair in order to provide the names of alternates in the case of vacancies. When old ballots are no longer useful for this purpose, they shall be destroyed. A copy of each nomination and election notice will be kept as part of the Committee's records, which are maintained by the Committee chair for a period of 3 years.
  2. Following the annual spring elections, a list of committees and their new members shall be forwarded to the Library Office. The official list is maintained by the Administrative Secretary to the University Librarian. This list shall also be published in the library newsletter.

Revised policy approved by Library faculty: 7/16/93
Approved LMT: 12/93

VI. Summary Of Library Committee Terms And Memberships1

Ann Paterson Merit Award Committee
Term: 1 year
Membership: 3 library staff

Hiring, Retention And Tenure Committee
Term: 3 years/staggered terms
Membership: 3 tenured library faculty

Leave With Pay Committee (Sabbatical Leave)
Term: 2 years/staggered terms
Membership: 5 tenured library faculty

Library Education Committee
Term: 3 years/staggered terms
Membership: 4 elected committee members:
3 library faculty
1 library staff
Library Education Coordinator (who serves as chair)
Ex Officio: Instructors of formal library courses and Biology 700 instructors

Elections Committee
Term: 3 years/staggered terms
Membership: 3 tenured/tenure-track faculty, 1 library staff

Professional Activities Committee
Term: 3 years/staggered terms
Membership: 3 library faculty - all are eligible

Post-Tenure Review Pool
Term: 1 year
Membership: 5 tenured library faculty chosen by lot by the Elections Committee

Promotions Committee
Term: 3 years/staggered terms
Membership: 3 tenured library faculty with the rank of (Full) Librarian

Social Committee
Term: 1 year
Membership: 3 committee members - all library faculty & staff are eligible

CMG (Collection Management Group)-Member-At-Large Term: 3 years
Eligibility: Any librarian who is a subject selector. Only subject selectors may vote in this election.

LMT (Library Management Team)
Term: ongoing
Membership: University Librarian, Team Leader-Reader Services, Team Leader-Technical Services,
Coordinator-Access Services , Library Business Officer
1 Library Staff Representative (3-year term elected at-large by the Library staff)
1 Based on a document prepared by Dora Ng dated June 1990.

Revised draft prepared by Caroline Harnly July 9, 1993
LMT revised: 12/93

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