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Library Administrative Manual

2.3 Library Education Committee Policy & Function

I. Purpose

To develop and review the Library's programs of instruction, and to advise the Department Chair(s), the University Librarian, and others responsible for implementation and coordination of user education on matters affecting these programs. To support curricular needs, to plan future programs, to encourage development of a varied program as appropriate to the diverse skills and needs of the campus community.

II. Membership

  1. De facto members, serving the duration of their respective roles:
    1. Library Education Coordinator, acting as Chair.
    2. All librarians serving as instructors of record and co-instructors of team-taught courses for library or library-related courses, e.g. Library 100, Biology 700, offered as part of the University curriculum. These individuals will be eligible for membership, at their option, only during the academic year in which they are actually teaching.
    3. Information, Research & Instructional Services (IRIS) department chair (ex-officio, non-voting.)
    4. Reference Coordinator.
    5. Information Competence Program Librarian.
    6. Staff member associated with Information Competence Program.
    7. Library representative to General Education Council.
  2. Elected members, two year terms:
    1. One faculty member, elected by faculty.
    2. One staff member, elected by staff.

Meetings are open; interested parties may attend at any time as non-voting participants.

The Library Education Coordinator [SERVES; from 'will serve'] as Chair. Any member of the committee may serve as recorder. A calendar of regularly scheduled meetings will be developed for each semester.

For purposes of formal voting on substantive issues, a quorum shall be a simple majority of the committee. For working sessions and the conduct of ordinary business, any three members shall constitute a quorum, as long as the meeting is regularly scheduled or announced at least two days in advance to the entire membership.

When appropriate, sub-committees may be formed to work on specific projects. [EACH SUCH SUB-COMMITTEE SHALL; from 'These sub-committees will'] include [AT LEAST ONE MEMBER; from 'members'] of the committee, and may include other appropriate members of the library or university.

III. Committee Functions and Responsibilities

  1. 1. Supports library education as a library-wide function with participation as appropriate from all units of the library.
  2. 2. [COORDINATES; from 'Coordination of'] the following instruction programs, including components ranging from conceptual organization, assessment (including student evaluations, and other evaluative instruments), and improvement, statistics, resource delegation, and the like:
    1. 1. Library Credit classes, including reviewing curriculum, scheduling, resource usage.
    2. 2. Workshops, seminars, drop-in sessions.
    3. 3. Course Integrated Seminars, "guest lectures" in major courses.
    4. 4. Information Competence as both a Library program and as it integrates into the University's educational program.
    5. 5. Library tours for various groups.
    6. 6. Representation at various campus events, such as the annual "Sneak preview day".
  3. 3. Recommends and assists in the development, revision and implementation of the undergraduate Information Competence Requirement.
  4. 4. Participates in campus-wide committees, as liaison with university educational programs.
  5. 5. Recommends instructional hardware and software for labs, classrooms and other areas of the library.
  6. 6. Recommends any furniture, assistive devices, or other materials that would enhance instruction for labs, classrooms and other areas of the library.
  7. 7. Recommends guidelines on materials in all formats for publications, such as bibliographies and instructional materials, tutorials, and new materials for library instruction.
  8. 8. Recommends guidelines on instruction of interested library employees in support of instructional and informational services. Coordinates in-service training for the IRIS group.
  9. 9. Reviews budget proposals for materials and equipment needed to further the library's educational endeavors.

Approved by Library Faculty: 5/20/81
Approved by Library Cabinet: 5/21/81
Approved by LMT: 12/11/00

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