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Library Administrative Manual

2.2 Committees: Role and Function

I. Standing Committees

  1. Standing Committees of the Library will be established on approval of the University Librarian, following open discussion and consultation with appropriate Library administration, faculty and support staff which establishes the need for a standing committee to deal with an area of concern.
  2. Each standing committee will have an approved written constitution, which will specify:
    1. The purpose of the Committee, and guidelines for its area of activity.
    2. Delineation of the reporting responsibility of the Committee, including:
      1. Whether the body is decision making, implementing or advisory.
      2. To whom the Committee reports its recommendations, decisions and actions.
    3. Membership composition of the Committee, including the number of members, their method of selection, and the length of their terms of service.
    4. Method of selection and the term of the chair.
    5. Provision for periodic review of the role and function of the Committee at regular stated intervals, typically every three years.
  3. Each standing committee will prepare a brief annual report to the University Librarian,due by October 1 of each year.
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