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Library Administrative Manual

2.10 Library Web Group: Policy & Function Statement

I. Purpose

The Library Web Group coordinates Web-based communication of information to users about library policies, procedures, services, and collections, and constitutes an oversight group for the Library's Web site.

II. Responsibilities

  • Design and organize Web-based material for the Library.
  • Develop and promulgate guidelines consistent with University guidelines for the Library Web page(s), including guidelines for department, personal, and library-course-and-class-associated Web pages.
  • Develop and promulgate procedures for submission, review, and approval of material/information for Web Group review and approval.
  • Develop and promulgate procedures for Web revision/correction/update submission.
  • Develop and maintain the Intranet for library staff and faculty to distribute in-house information such as policies, manuals, newsletters, and committee meeting schedules.
  • Exercise editorial control over web-distributed information for the Library and its departments.
  • ExplExplore new and potential technologies for distribution of information.
  • Review web pages at least annually. Alert responsible unit to provide corrections and updates when necessary.

III. Membership

  1. Members serve the duration of their respective roles as follows:
    1. Electronic Access Coordinator, (Chair)
    2. Web Production Crew
      1. Web Server Administrator
      2. Web Staff support
    3. Library Instruction Representatives
      1. OASIS representative
      2. Library Education Coordinator
    4. Reference Coordinator
    5. IRIS Operations Coordinator
    6. OPAC/PHAROS public access/display liaison
    7. Head of IRIS (ex-officio member, serves as LMT liaison)
    8. Temporary members (ex-officio) are added ad hoc when particular units are working on web development projects or Web Group's agenda affects their units.
  2. One elected member from the Library faculty or staff at-large for a 2 year term.

Date Approved by LMT: 4/20/98
Revised by LMT: 12/7/98
Revised by Web Group: 4/01
Approved by LMT: 4/16/01

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