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Information for Users with Disabilities


Welcome! The J. Paul Leonard Library at San Francisco State University encourages students, staff and faculty with disabilities to use all Library services and materials. If after looking over this guide you have any questions, please contact us. An SF State OneCard/ID and a laminated Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) card is required for some services listed below.

Library Hours

A schedule of library hours is available at the Information Desk, the Research Assistance Desk and online. Telephone 415-338-1841 for a recording of library hours.


Telephones: Accessible telephones are located in the hallway of the ground floor, on the first floor across from the Circulation Counter (with TTY) and at the Library entrance. Campus telephones are available on the ground floor and on the first floor across from the Circulation Counter.

Copiers in the Library are self service and have enlargement capabilities.

Restrooms: The Men's and Women's restrooms the Library are wheelchair accessible.

Assistance With Library Materials

Each of the main service desks which include the Research Assistance Desk, the Book Checkout & Pickup Counter, and Library Media Services, will assist Library users with disabilities in retrieving materials, copying materials and in other ways as requested and as staffing allows. If the need is one of lengthy duration, it is recommended that the individual work with the Disability Program and Resource Center (DPRC) for better accommodation.

Circulation Services

Staff from Check Out Counter (Circulation Services) will page materials for individuals. A list of books with call numbers is required. The turn around time depends on level of staffing and how busy we are, but we attempt to retrieve the books as soon as possible. When the list is submitted we give the individual a time when the books can be picked up. This desk also provides escort assistance to patrons needing access to the ground floor. Online renewal for materials from the Main Collection is available.

Research Assistance

Research assistance is available at the Research Assistance Desk located on the First Floor of the Library. Service is dependent upon staffing levels at the desk and whether the desk is busy. Individuals are encouraged to make appointments for in-depth subject assistance. An ADA-compliant workstation is available near the Research Assistance Desk that is fully flexible. Software available includes ZoomText and DEC Talk.


The Periodicals/Microforms will retrieve current and bound periodicals and microforms for persons with disabilities. The unit also provides training and assistance in making microform copies or scans as the level of staffing permits. All microform and microfiche copiers have zoom capabilities.

Library Media Services

Library Media Services (LMS) provides space and accommodations to individuals with disabilities taking course related exams and provides access for viewing the Audio-Visual and the Library's collection of closed captioned videotapes. One of the large rooms in Library Media Services provides a quiet space for using a PC with a scanner, Internet and email access on a fully flexible ADA compliant workstation and chair (software available).

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