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Frank V. de Bellis Collection - Woodcuts

This descriptive information was modified and excerpted from the publication
The Frank V. de Bellis Woodcut Collection
(Sterkenís Master Thesis, 1966).

15th and 16th century woodcuts of Italian origin.* These wood-cuts were discovered in a 14th century castle at Carpi, located near Modena in the Emilia region. Listed below are the wood-blocks in numerical order corresponding to the publication The Frank V. de Bellis Woodcut Collection (Sterkenís Master Thesis, 1966). It is from this text that much of the descriptive information was taken. This book contains modern impressions of each individual wood-block, some of which are exhibited on this web-page. (*This collection of early Italian woodcuts and wood-engravings is property of the Mr. Frank V. de Bellis estate and is available for research and viewing through The Frank V. de Bellis Collection at San Francisco State University.)

Saint Isidore Woodcut

[Plate #40] Saint Isidore: A representation of St. Isidore,
the Patron Saint of Agriculture. Isidore was canonized in 1622.
According to the custom of the time, it is very likely that books,
tracts and other pieces were printed in that year and in those immediately
following to commemorate his canonization. It possibly could be that this
woodcut was used to illustrate one of these printed pieces.

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