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Frank V. de Bellis Collection - Manuscripts


The de Bellis Manuscript Collection is also listed in The Digital Scriptorium, a prototype image database and visual union catalog of medieval and renaissance manuscripts

Ms. Latin

Augustine (saint) 354-430. Sermones in heremo. Italy. 15th century.
Sermones in heremo; Parabole Salomonis [and other works]. Written on 71 ff. vellum, and 1 blank. 20 x 13.7 cm. Description of ms. and analysis of contents by Consuelo Duetschke accompanies ms, Binding of blind-stamped brown calf. In case.

Book of Hours. 15th century (?). Written on vellum, 301 ff. incl. 1st blank page. 11.5 x 8.5 cm. Calendar: f.2-21. Notation: f.164-208. Brown calf binding.

Book of Hours. 15th C. Ryckaert binding. Written on vellum, 108 ff. incl. 2 blank. 16.3 x 11 cm. Calendar: f.1-6. Miniatures (much restored): versos of ff. 12, 18,24,35,43,48,50,54,61,67,73,85. Binding of leather, stained black. On front and back boards blind-stamped "Annunciation" and the symbols of the four Evangelists, signed "Johes Rikewaert" (Jan Ryckaert, Flemish binder who worked in Ghent 1511-46). One of three extant Ryckaert "Annunciation" bindings.

Oath of Allegiance of the membersof the Maggior Consiglio of Venice and Oath of Andrea Contarini, Doge of Venice 1368-1383. 1386. Venice, Italy. 48 double leaves of vellum: ill.; 38 cm. The manuscript text is on 48 double leaves of vellum. The first leaf of each treatise has a fine historiated initial letter, with miniatures of the Doge, and marginalia, Italian stile. Bound in mottled brown calf with gilt tooling.

MS. Latin and Italian

Document, civil. Venice - Ciconia. Ca. 1592. Nos Pascalis Ciconia Dei gra Dux Venetiarum etc. committimus tibi nobili viro Hironimo Cornelio… potestas civitatis nostre Vincentia…. Written on vellu, 215 ff. 22.8. x 17 cm. Doge Pasquale Ciconia’s commission of Girolamo Cornelio to be podestà of Vicenza. Paste paper binding.

MS. Italian

Corona, Silvio and Ascanio: la verita svelata da Silvio et Ascanio Corona, in diversi successi particolari occors´ in Napoli, overo altrove a Napolitani. [ca. 1645]. Written on paper, 215 ff. and title-page. 26.5 x 19 cm. History of Naples from Alfonso I d’Aragona to last date in ms., 1645. Preliminary analysis of contents by Consuelo Deutschke accompanies ms. Binding of vellum.

Document, civil. Rome? - Bali. 1653 Instruttione del S.r Bali di Valenze Ambasciatore Ipmo al suo successore, 1653. Written on paper, 43 ff. incl. title-page. 22.5 x 17 cm. Paper wrapper.

Document, papal. Poalo V. ca. 1605. Relatione del Conclave nel quale fú creato Papa Paolo V. Written on paper, 37 ff. 26.3 x 20 cm. Pope Paul V elected 1605. Binding of red morocco with gold tooling.

Family History. Di Costanzo. Scripture aliaquè Documenta per Dominum e Abbatem Ludovicum de Constantio…. Written on 58 ff. of paper including title-page and 1 blank (various pagination); coat-of-arms and family tree (1410-1717), (2 ff.) in color on vellum. Dated 1717. 27 x 20 cm. Some portions of ms. in Latin. Binding of brown calf with gold tooling.

Heraldry. Venetian families. To 1663? Incommincia il primo nascimento della Nobilissimi famiglie Creati e Casadi della inclita alma Citta de Venetia…[on verso of blank leaf preceding f.1] Written on paper, 127 ff. 30.7 x 21.5 cm. A coat of arms described in text and in colored drawings are principally of 14th and 15th century families. Supplementary list of names 1643-1663 (f.126)

Pace, Giovanni Battista. Ceremonilae Magnum, sive Raccolta universale di tutte le ceremonie spettanti alla Ducal Regia Cappella di S. Marco…. [Venice] 1679. Written on paper, 326 ff. 28.5 x 20.3 c. Contents: f. 16-42. Binding of pasteboards, quarter vellum.

Cicero. Epistolarum familiarum. Italy, 15th C. Marci Tulii Ciceronis domesticarum epistolarum…. Epistolarum familiarum liber explicit…. Written on vellum, 204 ff. including 1st blank. Analysis and description of contents by Consuelo Deutschke accompanies ms. Binding of calf with gold tooling, by Robert Lucas, San Francisco, 1977. In case.

Diploma, Rome. Canon law. 17th C. Gloriosa Studiorum Mater Urbs Roma…. Written on vellum, 4 ff. Dated 1615. 23.4 x 17 cm. Granted to Nicolaus De Fabris of Bologna. Binding of red-brown calf with gold tooling.

Jacopus de Voragine. Legenda aurea. Italy, 15th C. Incipit prologus in vitis sanctorum (f. iiir); De adventu Domini (f l r). Written on paper, iv + 302 ff. 30.2 x 21 cm. Description and analysis of contents by Consuelo Deutschke accompanies ms. Binding of brown calf, rebacked.

Jerome (Saint) ca. 347-420. Epistles. Italy, 14th C. (?) Epistola Hiéronymi ad Eliodor…[and] Incipit prologus in regula vive(n)di in monasteriis. Written on alternating vellum and paper, 208 (i.e. 207) ff., lacking f.138-161? 22 x 14.5 cm. Quarter leather binding.

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