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The de Bellis Collection contains a small but significant collection of prints (engravings and lithographs), drawings, and paintings. The collection ranges from portraiture (singers, composers, performers, artists, and authors) to 16th century figure drawings to engravings of 18th and 19th century Rome to 20th century graphic arts and paintings.


Anonymous. Head of a child (?) Graphite on white paper. 264 x 195 mm. (w27)

Anon. Landscape with trees. Brown ink on white paper over light pencil. 283 x 211 mm. (u142)

Anon. Madonna and child. Pencil on white paper. 160 x 160 mm. (u144)

Anon. Man with arms uplifted. Red chalk on white paper. 512 x 338 mm. (y13)

Anon. Priest at altar and kneeling figures. Pencil and pastel chalk on folded grey paper. 243. x 334 mm. (v91)

Anon. Study for a landscape. Brown ink on white paper. 264 x 380 mm. Mounted onto a paper backing. (v89)

Anon. Study of a male head and hand (recto) and upper torso (verso). Pencil on white paper. 300 x 210 mm. (w23)

Anon. Study of a tree. Brown ink on white paper. 212 x 301 mm. (w25)

Anon. Torso of nude female. Red chalk on white paper. 215 x 185 mm. (u143)

Anon. Youth in a coat and cap. Pencil on white paper. 405 x 276 mm. Signature Brat(?) and date 17/2/17(8?)23. (v90)

Artist unknown. (Carracci, Annibale, 1560 - 1609, School of?) Study of lower torso of child. Red chalk on white paper. 238 x 169 mm. (u148)

Artist unknown. (Cigoli, Ludovico Cardi da, 1559- 1613, supposed artist.) Studies of arms (recto) and putti (verso). Pencil on brown paper, heightened with white. 225 x 252 mm. (w26)

Artist unknown. (Correggio (Antonio Allegri), 1489-1534, School of?) Cloaked male figure. Red chalk in white paper. 422 x 292 mm. (x13) (See also v86, v87)

Artist unknown. (Del Sarto, Andrea, 1486-1531, School of?) Cloaked male figure. Red chalk on white paper. 424 x 278 mm. (v87) (See also v86)

Artist unknown. (Del Sarto, Andrea, 1486-1531, School of?) Cloaked male figure dropping coins (Moneylender?). Red chalk on white paper. 423 x 275 mm. (v86) (See also v87)

Artist unknown. (Farinati, Paolo, 1524 - 1606, School of?) Saint with angels bearing a crown of thorns. Red chalk on white paper. 387 x 220 mm. (w24)

Artist unknown. (Farinati, Paolo, 1524-1606, School of?) St. Martha and the dragon in chains. Red chalk on white paper. 319 x 224 mm. (v93)

Artist unknown. (Michelangelo (Michel Angelo Buonarroti), 1475 - 1564, School of?) Nude male figure supporting boulder. Silver point on a fragment of white paper. 390 x 230 mm. (x11)

Artist unknown. (Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio d’Urbino). 1483-1520. School of?) Head of a child. Red chalk on white paper. 380 x 274 mm. (v88)

Artist unknown. (Reni, Guido, 1575 - 1642, School of?) Ascension of Elijah. Pencil on white paper. 456 x 668 mm. (y1)

Artist unknown. (Rosa, Salvatore , 1615 - 1673, School of?) Male figure with staff. Brown ink on white paper. 170 x 117 mm. (u145)

Artist unknown. (Rosa, Salvatore, 1615-1673, School of?) Warrior with shield. Brown ink on white paper. 186 x 131 mm. (u147)

Barocci, Federico, 1535 - 1612, School of? Seated male figure (priest?). Red chalk on paper. 28.2 x 21 cm. (t6)

Capone, Vito (b. 1935). Untitled drawing. 1977. Charcoal on white paper. One of four created for the de Bellis Collection exhibit, September - October, 1977. 70 x 50 cm.

Pinelli, Bartomeo, 1781 - 1835. Collection of book illustrations, 9 signed: Pinelli fece Roma 1823. (or 1824). 10 drawings. Sepia and wash over pencil on white paper. All approximately 400 x 500 mm. (y2-11)

Robert, Hubert, 1733-1808. Sketch book number eight (8). 28 x 42 cm. Title inside cover. Lacking f. 16. 34 pencil drawings of Italy, except first folio (ink and watercolor). Captions in French in artist’s hand. Bookplate of J.W. Cuthbert. (I 73 Folio)

Valentini, Walter (b. 1928). Untitled two-part drawing. Graphite on cream-white paper, on artist’s gray paper mat. De Bellis Collection exhibit, 1979. Gift of the artist. 33.5 x 27 cm. (each part) on 50 x 70 mat.

19th Century Italian Folk Costumes
(A selection of prints)

19th Century Color Lithographs

Gatti e Dura, lithographers (Napoli):

Donna d’Ischia (Lady from Ischia)
Donna di Capri (Lady from Capri) (1850)
Donna di Arienzo, vicinanze di Caserta (Lady from Arienzo, in the vicinity of Caserta)
Donna di Procida (Lady of Procida)(1856)
Donna di Sorrento (Lady of Sorrento) (ca. 1850)
Donna di Chiaia (Lady of Chiaia)

Cuciniello e Bianchi, lithographers:

Venditore di polmone cotto per i gatti (seller of cooked lungs for cats)
Castagnaro (roasted chestnuts vendor)
Lo Zingano
Brigante (brigand)
Lazzarone (slacker)
Fragolaro (strawberry seller)
Questuante per S. Ant.º Abbate (mendicant for the order of S. Anthony)(1850)
Facchino (porter)
Marinaro (sailor) (1857)
Acquajuolo (water bearer, water carrier) (1850)
Contadino (farmer)
L’educazione (the education)
Venditrice di Mussolina (sellers of muslin)
Zampognaro che fa ballarei burattini (piper who makes the puppets dance)
Sorbettaro ambulante (walking ice-cream vendor)

Miscellaneous (e.g., Rossini’s Views of Ancient Rome, a musical instrument, an athlete, a rope walker, seven famous towers of Italy, etc.)

A selection of miscellaneous prints from the collection is listed below:

Ancient Rome. Le antichita romane, ossia delle più interesanti vedute di Roma antica (Views of ancient Rome), disegnate ed incise dall’architetto incisore Luigi Rossini ravennate in numero centuno vedute. Roma, presso il Negozio Scudellari via Condotti N. 19 e 20, e dall’autore via Felice N. 138. Dai tipi di Mercurj e Robaglia l’anno 1829. The volume of 101 plates is disbound and the lithographs separately mounted.

Antiphonary. Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Fragment, Italian, 15th century.? 4λ, numbered 33, 41, 169, 170. Notation, r and v. 46 cm. Rubricated. Probably excerpted from the same volume as they are identical in style of textual and notational calligraphy. Capitals in red and blue. Black neumes and text on red 4-line staves. Text incipits and sources filed with x5.

Athlete. Michel. Engraving. Bastiano Onestinni, designer; Luigi Barocci, Rome, engraver. Plate caption: “Mr. Michel, Averino. Alcide, e Modello dell’insigne Accademia di S. Luca in Roma” and a 4-line poem.

Belzoni, Giovanni [Known as Hercules in the circus world. Padova, 1778 - Gwato, West Africa, 1823]. Lithograph by Thomson. London, Published for the Proprietors of the European Magazine, by Lupton Relfe, 1822. Facsimile of signature.

Commedia dell’Arte. Varie maschere di carattere del Carnevale di Roma. Engraving. Bartolomeo Pinelli, engraver and designer. Rome, 1820.

Deed. Bacelotus de Clillano, Wuentes. 1333, May 17, Agosta. Transfer of property from Wuentes and Martinus, sons of Bacelotus de Cillano, to the father. Sheet. (711 lines) 57 cm. Ms. on parchment, originally rolled. Written in a chancery hand. (v. Federici, Tav. LII, LIII, LVII) Attestation and notarial marks of Petrus de Chanbaua.

Frascati. Villa Ludovisia. Giovanni Battista Falda, designer and engraver. Rome, Giovanni Giacomo Rossi. Plate caption: Prospetto del Teatro e cascata dell’acque della Villa Ludovisia a Frascati con varii giuochi d´acque.

Guillaume, Louis [Riding master. Fl. 1835]. Lithograph by Battistelli, Rome, 1835.

Hymnary. Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Fragment, Italian, 15th C.? [1]λ. (22 lines) 37 cm. Ms. written in modified gothic hand on recto and verso. Rubricated. Initial “I” of “Iste confessor” illuminated and with miniature of a saint. Capitals in red and blue.Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti), 1512-1594, School of? Moses striking a rock. Painting. Dark oils on white paper. 180 x 249 mm. v85

Introit. Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Rorate coeli desuper. Fragment, N. Italian, ca. 1380? [1]λ. Notation, r - v. 50 cm. (trimmed) Ms. on vellum. Incipit of rubricated text preceding chant: off. In omnes terras. Illuminated miniature of Annunciation and border decoration. Capitals in red and blue; black neumes on red 4-lines staves. From the Sir Hornby Collection.

Manuscript-Latin: Augustinus, Aurelius, Saint, bp. Of Hippo. In Joannis Evagelium Tractt. (XXVI), XXVII. Fragment, Italian, 12th century?[1]λ. (2 colums, 33 lines) 25 x 34 cm. (cut down from 39 x 34 cm.) Ms. written in a carolingian hand on recto and verso. Rubricated. Fragment begins with: quia xpr(sic) est vita. EVG. Haec dixit…. Shelved with a 20th C. anonymous analysis of the ms. and variant comparison with Migne, v. 35, 1617-1618. (v84a,b,c)

Musical Instrument. Pifferaris. Engraving. Ch. Jacques, designer; F. cois (sic) Liénard, engraver. No. 143.

Rope walker. Blondin, J.F. (Emile Gravelet) [fl. 1860]. Lithograph. L. Gregori, Rome, 1864, designer; Villa e Presenzinni, Rome, lithographers. Facsimile of signature.

Towers. Sette torri famose d’Italia. Engraving by G. M. Mitelli, Bologna, 1701. Plate captions describe towers in Bologna (Afinelli " Garisenda), Modena, Cremona, Florence (S. Maria del Fiore), Pisa, and Venice (S. Marco).

Venus and Adonis. Engraving by Luigi Perugino after Annibale Carracci, Milano, 12 gennaio 1655. Paris, Bertrand, 1663. Dedication to Nicoló Simonelli.

Paintings, Prints, and Graphic Arts by Artist
(a selection)

Artist unknown. Miracle of the healing of the epileptic. Engraving. Lodovico Carraci, designer; Lodovico Mattioli, engraver (?). v92

Artist unknown. (Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti), 1512-1594, School of?) Moses striking a rock. Painting. Dark oils on white paper. 180 x 249 mm.

Alfieri, Nino. Passaggi Luminosi - No. 2. 1996. Watercolor, acrylic and graphite on paper; 19 ½" x 28"; signed, dated, and titled; unframed and unmounted. Gift of the artist (1996).

Diotallevi, Marcello. Fairy-Tale to the Wind. 1995. Watercolor, ink and pencil on paper; 19 ¾" x 19 ¾" ; signed/dated/titled; unframed and unmounted. Gift of the artist (1996).

Dorigny, Nicolaus, after Raphael. Deorum concilium [and] Cupidinus et Psyches nuptialis caena. Two engravings numbered 10 and 11. Rome, de Rubeis, 1693. 49 x 73 cm.

Fenster, Diane. Adobe Press: The Art and the Technology. 1995 copyrighted; poster; 22" x 34"; signed/dated/titled; unframed/unmounted.

Massari, Antonio, (b. 1932). Pulsar. 1975. Painting. Oils floated onto immersed white paper; dried. One of four created for the de Bellis Collection exhibit 2-3, 1976. 500 x 900 mm.

Nicolotti, Vanna (b. 1929). Studio per struttura significante, no. 4. 1975. Drawing. Ink on white impressed paper. One of four created for de Bellis Collection exhibit 2-3, 1976. 507 x 725 mm.

Pinelli, Bartomeo (1781 - 1835). Collection of book illustrations, 9 signed: Pinelli fece Roma 1823. (or 1824). 10 drawings. Sepia and wash over pencil on white paper. All approximately 400 x 500 mm.

Rossini, Luigi, engraver. Le antichita romane, ossia delle più interesanti vedute di Roma antica (views of ancient Rome), disegnate ed incise dall’arhcitetto incisore Luigi Rossini ravennate in numero centuno vedute. Roma, presso il Negozio Scudellari via Condotti N. 19 e 20, e dall’autore via Felice N. 138. Dai tipi di Mercurj e Robaglia l’anno 1829. The volume of 101 plates is disbound and the prints separately mounted.

Saltini, Lino (b. 1908). Immagine n. 49 (94/99). 1973. Silk screen on white paper. 700 x 192 mm. Gift of the Artist, 1976.

Sanesi, Anna. Untitled. 1995. Lithograph, gold leaf, ink and oil on treated paper; 27 ¾" x 19 ½"; signed/dated/untitled; unframed and unmounted. Gift of the artist (1996).

Prints of Composers, Musicians, and Performers
(a selection)

Agostini, Paolo [Composer, organist. Vallerano, ca. 1575 - Rome, 1629]. Engraving by J. Caldwall.

Albani, Emma (Marie Louise Cécile Emma Lajeunesse) [Dramatic soprano. Chambley, Montreal, 1852 - London, 1930]. Lithograph by F. Matthews & Sons.

Berretti-Barberi, Carolina [Singer]. Color lithograph. Paniacciotto, designer; Wieller and Martelli, lithographers. Plate caption: Carolina Berretti Barberi Prima Cantante nel Nobile Teatro Alberti nella primavera del 1839.

Billington, Elizabeth [Dramatic soprano. London, ca. 1768 - Venice, 1818]. Engraving. Veronica Matteini, designer; von Bottger, Dresden, engraver. Plate no. 4. Plate caption: Mistress Billington.

Boccherini, Luigi [Composer, violoncellist. Lucca, 1743 - Madrid, 1805]. Engraving. Plate caption: Geb. In Lucca den 14 Jan. 1740. Gest. in Madrid 1806.

Bortolazzi, Bartolomeo [Guitarist, mandolinist. B. Venice, 1773]. Engraving (?) chez Breitkopf & Härtel a Leipsic. Jos. Kattner, designer; Scheffner, engraver.

Bosio-Chiari, Virginia [Actress. Fl. 1841. Sister of Angelina Bosio]. Lithograph. V. Battistelli, designer and lithographer, Rome. Plate caption: Virginia Bosio-Chiari, Prma Attrice Nel Teatro Valle l’Autunno, 1844.

Catalani, Angelica [Soprano. Sinigaglia, 1780 - Paris, 1849]. Engraving. Plate caption: Engraved by Anth. y Cardon from an Original Picture by Hüet Villiers. London: Publish’d 1807, by Anth. y Cardon, N° 37, London Street, Fitzroy Square.

Cherubini, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Salvatore [Composer. Florence, 1760 - Paris, 1842]. Lithograph. Ingres, designer; H. Waldow, Berlin, lithographer. Verlag der Schlesingerschen Buch u Musikalien Handl in Berlin. Pasted onto a leaf which bears the notation for “Placido Zeffiretto,” from “Canoni a 3 voci composti per il suo caro Halevy,” and signed “L. Cherubini.” (Autograph?)

Cherubini, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobio Salvatore [Composer. Florence, 1760 - Paris, 1842]. Lithograph by Aubert and Junca. Plate caption: Biographie des bonnes du jour. Cherubini. Membre de l’institut, compositeur de musique.

Cimarosa, Domenico [Composer. Aversa, Naples, 1749 - Venice, 1801]. Engraving by C. Deblois, 1867.

Clementi, Muzio [Composer, pianist, organist. Rome, 1752 - Evesham, Worcestershire, England, 1832]. Lithograph.

Coletti, Filippo [Baritone. Anagni, 1811 - Anagni, 1894]. Lithograph by Battistelli. Plate caption: “D’un odio infernale la vittima sono.” Nell’Opera I Due Foscari, Roma, la Primavera del 1852.

Corelli, Arcangelo [Composer, violinist. Fusignano, Ravenna, 1653 - Rome, 1713]. Engraving. Paris, chez E. Desro chersu rue du Fois pres la rue S. Jacque. Plate caption: Anonymous verse, and: Arcange Correlli Musicien un des plus Celebre pour les Pieces de Violon que l’Italie aye eut, né a Fusignari en Boulonois. Mort a Rome vers l’an 1714.

Corelli, Arcangelo [Composer, violinist. Fusignano, Ravenna, 1653 - Rome, 1713]. Engraving by J. Cote.

Diez, Sophie [Singer]. Engraving by Th. Zehl, jr., Leipzig, from a photograph by A. Weger, Leipzig. Facsimile of signature.

Dorus-Gras, Juli Aimee Josephine [Soprano. Valenciennes, 1805 - Paris, 1896]. Lithograph by A. Belin, Rue S.te Anne, 55. Palte cation: Dorus (gras). Galerie Dramatique. Acad. Royale de Musique. Revue du Théâtre.

Durante, Francesco [Composer, teacher. Fratta Maggiore, Naples, 1684 - Naples, 1755]. Lithograph by Haster, L. 1825.

Frescobaldi, Girolamo [Composer, organist. Ferrara, 1853 - Rome, 1643]. Engraving. F. Io. Salianus Augustinianus, designer; J. Caldwall, engraver. Plate no. 623. Plate caption: Hieronymous Frescobaldus Ferrariensis, organista ecclesiae d. Petri in Vaticano. Aetat. Suae XXXVI.

Frezzolini, Erminia [Soprano. Orvieto, 1818 - Paris, 1884] Engraving by Auguste Hussener.

Fumagalli-Targhini, Amalia [Actress. Milano, b. 1824]. Lithograph by Zanetti, Rome, 1845. Plate caption includes a 2-line poem.

Gardoni, Italo [Tenor. Parma, 1821 - Paris, 1882]. Engraving.

Gattinelli, Gaetano [Comic actor, comedy writer. Lugo, 1806 - Roma, 1884]. Lithograph by Danesi, Rome. Plate caption: 3-line poem.

Grisi, Giuditta [Mezzo-soprano. Milan, 1805 - Cremona, 1840. Sister of Giulia Grisi]. Lithograph. Gallo Gallina, artist; Ricordi, printer. (No. 589)

Geminiani, Francesco [Composer, violinist. Lucca, 16878 - Dublin, 1762] Crayonmanier. Edmundus Bouchardon, designer; J.B. Lucien, sculpsit. Plate caption: Fancois Xavier Geminiani célebre musicien italien, desiné par Edme Bouchardon. …porte-feuille de Mr. De Villemorien. A Paris chez Chereau rue des Mathurins oux 2 Piliers d’Or.

Geminiani, Fancesco [Violinist, theorist, composer. Lucca, 1680 - Dublin, 1762]. Engraving. With: Purcell, Henry.

Guerra, Alessandro [Riding master. Rome, 1790 - Spain, 1856]. Engraving. Vincenzo Gozzini, designer; Lasinio Figlio, engraver. Plate caption: Com’agil voli sul destriero, o Guerra, Vola tua Fama ancor sovra la terra.

Guido d’Arezzo [Music theorist, teacher. Arezzo, ca. 990 - ca. 1050]. Engraving. I.B. Cipriani, designer; C. Grignon, engraver. Plate caption: Guido Aretinus a Benedictine monk, having reformed the scale of music and invented a new method of notation, communicates his improvements to Pope John XX, who invites him to Rome and becomes his disciple.

Marziali, Carmella [Singer, fl. 1840]. Color lithograph by M. Menghini. Plate caption: Carmella Marziali, Prima Donna Nel Nobile Teatro Argentina in Roma il Carnevale 1845

Mayr, Johann Simon [Composer. Mendorf, Bavarai, 1763 - Bergamo, 1845]. Engraving. Stainhauser de Treuberg, designer; Jean Neidl, engraver. Plate caption: In Vienna presso Gio. Cappi, Piazza di S.t Michele N° 5.

Novello, Clara Anatasia [Soprano. London, 1818 - Rome, 1908]. Lithogrpah by Cacilie Brand.

Paër, Ferdinando [Composer, conductor. Parma, 1771 - Paris, 1839]. Engraving. Stainhauser de Treuberg, designer; Jean Neidl, engraver.

Paganini, Nicolò [Violinist. Genoa, 1782 - Nice, 1840]. Engraving by Louis Le Nain, 1873, with the blind stamp of the Chaleographie di Louvre.

Paganini, Nicolo [Violinist. Genoa, 1782 - Nice, 1840]. Lithograph by A. Hatzfield. Offenbach, Joh. André. Plate caption: Kammer-Virtuos S. M. des Kaisers von Oesterreich und Conzertmeister S. M. des Königs von Preussen. (v76)

Paisiello, Giovanni [Composer. Taranto, 1740 - Naples, 1816]. Engraving by L. Bridi from a portrait. (u33)

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista [Composer. Jesi, 1710 - Pozzuoli, Naples, 1736]. Copper-plate engraving (?). Plate caption: Pergolése. (w19)

Persiani, Fanny [Coloratura soprano. Rome, 1812 - Passy, Paris, 1867]. Engraving by Richter. (u62)

Puccini, Giacomo [Composer. Lucca, 1858 - Brussels, 1924]. Lithograph after a painting by Fr. H. Rympf. (Serie 401 N.° 20) Zurich, Stehli Fréres. (x1)

Puccini, Niccoló [Composer. Bari, 1728 - Passy, Paris, 1800]. Engraving by J.F. Schröter, Leipzig. Plate caption: Breitkopf & Härtel in Leipzig. (u119)

Puccini, Niccoló [Composer]. Lithograph by “Flora” directed by G Stefani, after a painting by G. Bezzuoli and drawing by G. Marchettini. Florence, L. Franzi Editore, 1852. (v42)

Rauzzini, Matteo Venanzio [Composer, singer. Rome, 1747 - Bath, 1810]. Engraving by Freeman from a painting by Bennett. Plate caption: London: Published by Vernor, Hood & Sharpe, Poultry, May 1, 1807. (u116)

Ricci, Federico [Composer. Naples, 1809 - Conegliano, 1877]. Engraving by S. Cucinotta. (u16)

Righini, Vincenzo [Composer, tenor, teacher, conductor. Bologna, 1756 - Bologna, 1812]. Lithograph by C. Ferd. Heckel, Mannhaeim, 1826. (u105)

Rossini, Gioacchino [Composer. Pesaro, 1792 - Passy, paris, 1868]. Engraving by T. Woolnoth from a painting by Michielli. Pub. April 1, 1824 by Dean & Munday, Threadneedle Street. (u108)

Rossini, Gioacchino [Composer. Pesaro, 1792 - Passy, Paris, 1868]. Lithograph. H. Grevedon, 1828, designer; C. Motte, lithographer. London, 1829, C. Motte. (v70)

Rubini, Giovanni Battista [Tenor. Romano. Bergamo. 1794 - Romano, Bergamo, 1854] . Lithograph. Deverca(?), designer; Lemercier, lithographer. Plate caption: Rubini. Cantante di camera di S.M. l’Imperatore d’Austria. (v62)

Sacchini, Antonio Maria Gasparo [Composer. Pozzuoli, Naples, 1730 - Paris, 1786]. Engraving. L. Jay, designer; L.J. Cathelin, engraver. A Paris chésla V.e (sic) la Gardette M. de (sic) Déstampes rüe du Roule. A.P.D.R. Plate caption: Antonio Sacchini. Né à Naples le 13 may 1735.

Salieri, Antonio [Composer. Legnano, Verona, 1750 - Vienna, 1825]. Lithograph by H. E. von Wintter, 1815. (w114)

Scarlatti, Alessandro [Composer. Palermo, 1660 - Naples, 1725]. Reproduction of engraving by Stuppi. (u51)

Scarlatti, Domenico [Composer. Naples, 1685 - Naples, 1757]. Engraving by A. Weger, Leipzig. Plate caption: London Augener & C.° Beethoven House. (u6)

Scarlatti, Domenico [Composer. Naples, 1685 - Naples, 1757]. Engraving by A. Weger. Plate caption: Domeniko Scarlatti. (w11)

Schebest, Agnes [Mezzo-soprano. Vienna, 1813 - Stuttgart, 1869]. Engraving by F. Wagner. Facsimile of signature. (v7)

Selli, Prospero [Composer. Viterbo, b. ca. 1810]. Lithograph. P. P. designer; F. Leante, engraver, Santarelli. Lithographer. Plate captio: Prospero Selli Maestro di Musica compositore dell’Opera la Medea nel nobile Teatro di Apollo in Roma Carnevale 1839. (u35)

Simonelli, Matteo [Italian composer. 17th century]. Engraving. Plate caption: Matteo Simonelli Romano, cant. della Capp. Pont. MDCLXII. (u5)

Sontag, Henriette Gertrude Walpurgis [Soprano. Coblenz, 1805 - Mexico City, 1854]. Engraving. Winterhalter, designer; Weger and Singer, engravers. Verlag v. Schuberth & C.° in Hamburg. (u50)

Tamburini, Antonio [Baritone. Faenza, 1800 - Nizza, 1876]. Lithograph. “Chez Aubert. Galerie de la Presse de la Litterature & des Beaux Arts” (series?). (u61)

Tenducci, Giusto Ferdinando (Senesino) [Castrato. Siena, ca. 1736 - ca. 1800]. Engraving by J. Finlayson after a painting by J. Bruscett. London, T. Bowen, 1770. (v61)

Verdi, Giuseppe [Composer. Le Roncole, 1813 - S. Agata, Buseto, 1901]. Lithograph by Engelbach. (w1)

Viotti, Giovanni Battista [Composer, violinist. Fontanetto, Crescentino, Piedmont, 1753 - London, 1824]. Acquforte by Fredoric Hillemacher, 1842. (u53)

Wagner, Johanna [Johanna Jachmann-Wagner. Dramatic soprano. Hanover, 1828 - Würburg, 1894. Niece of Richard Wagner]. Engraving. (u60)

Prints of Artists and Writers
(a selection)

Cellini, Benvenuto [Goldsmith. Florence, 1500 - Florence, 1571]. Engraving. G. Longhi, designer; Geniani, engraver.

Dante Alighieri [Author. Florence, 1265 - Ravenna, 1321]. Engraving. G. Bossi, drawing, after a portrait by P. Bettoni (?); G. Garavaglia, engraver.

Michelangelo Buonarroti [Sculptor, painter, architect, poet. Caprese, 1475 - Rome, 1564]. Engraving by Rothwell from an original picture. Published by Harrison & Co. May 2, 1796.

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