Interview with Mort Sahl

Date: 12/4/1967
Reference Number:
KTVU 23-3
16mm newsfilm
KTVU News footage from December 4th 1967 featuring an interview with comedian and actor Mort Sahl in a theatre building, who shares his opinions about the current U.S.political climate, in relation to the Vietnam War: "I don't think there are that many people unhappy with it [Vietnam War]. If there were, it would change becuase this is a democracy. So it isn't that Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater stole - y'know appropriated - the sceptre of power. They reflect the cynicism and the lack of participation in the electorate. Ronald Reagan is a symptom; he's not really a villain." Sahl also discusses issues delaying the opening of a show he's working on. The reporter closes by asking him: "Mort, are you really a bad guy?" With laughter overheard in the background, Sahl replies: "By definition? ... All I am is a Western Union Messenger. And sometimes there's bad news in the wire. But that's not my fault. I only work at the office."
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