Indians removed from Alcatraz, Part II

Date: 6/11/1971
Reference Number:
KPIX 105401-2
16mm newsfilm
KPIX's Belva Davis reports from Alcatraz on June 11th 1971, where American Indian activists have just been removed from the island by armed Federal authorities. Includes views of the island and of activists under protective custody being escorted off a bus in the city. A government representative justifies their actions by stating the occupation: "Was an intolerable situation that could not go on indefinitely." At a separate meeting Indian spokesman John Trudell argues: "The significant thing that's been accomplished by Alcatraz is ... we never sold ourselves out. We never compromised. We went for the whole cup cake ... We're bringing people to our side. There's a lotta Indians aren't gonna like this." When asked by a reporter if the Indians will now finally accept "defeat," Trudell laughs and exclaims: "Defeat! No man, there's no such thing as defeat. You know. When they start kickin you around you just gotta learn to bandage up the bruises and stand up again. They didn't beat us."
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