Unruh & Moscone on Failure of State Senate Bill

Date: 8/4/1967
Reference Number:
KPIX 32076
16mm newsfilm
KPIX Eyewitness News report from August 4th 1967 featuring press conferences by State Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh and State Senator George Moscone, who express disappointment at the failure of a bill to provide $10 million for creating temporary jobs. Unruh wanted to address recent civil unrest in California's cities and blames the bill's failure on political "provincialism" and Moscone explains that: " I think the Speaker was extremely upset ... and I share his disgust ... This is a bill that however small would have added in some way to give the ... people in the unemployed community ... the obligation and opportunity to make some money. And I just have to believe that nobody riots if they have a full pocketful of money and are able to feed their children."
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